Covered Web Services specializes in advanced WordPress consulting services. Featured services include custom plugin coding, security audits, and performance tuning.

Covered Web Services is run by Mark Jaquith, one of the Lead Developers of WordPress and an independent WordPress consultant with over ten years of extensive experience with WordPress, including having written several popular plugins, and having contributed or committed countless patches to the core WordPress engine.


Here is a sample of the types of services offered by Covered Web Services:

  • Custom coding/custom plugins — have an existing plugin modified, or have me write a plugin from scratch, designed specially for your needs
  • WordPress upgrades — get your site upgraded to the latest and greatest, and have your plugins modified, if needed
  • WordPress security audits — let me run a fine comb over your site and fix any potential security issues, or help you recover from an attack
  • High performance configuration — I have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve to make your WordPress site responsive and stable
  • CDN setup — have your site’s media files automatically served from a distributed file hosting service to save money and ease your server’s burden
  • Troubleshooting — let me figure out what that cryptic error message is, and (more importantly) let me fix it
  • Migration to WordPress — move your site to WordPress without breaking your old links