Are you covered?

All it takes is one faulty line in a WordPress™ plugin or a theme to open your site up to malevolent action. One carelessly coded function can be the difference between successfully riding out a wave of high traffic and crumbling in its wake. Your site, its data, and (perhaps most importantly) your reputation are all on the line. So are you covered?

I’ve been using and contributing to WordPress since 2004, and have been one of its lead developers since 2006. I know the code so well that I once actually discovered a security hole by running WordPress code in my head, away from my computer. I’ve written and committed countless bug fixes, improvements and security patches for WordPress. I have many generally applicable skill sets, but 90% or more of my business is WordPress-related consulting. So if you have a project running on WordPress, or if you’re a company who wants to release your product as a WordPress plugin, I’m the person you need to contact.

All I see now is blonde, brunette, redhead

Forgive the movie reference — it happens to apply here. I’m a coder and an idea person — not a graphic designer. If you need someone to design a look for your website, look elsewhere. I’m the one to make your brilliant design actually do something.